Asphalt Paving

Paving requires not only the right equipment and materials, but the correct assessment of what is needed to provide the best solution. This includes establishing the proper sub grade and crushed rock base for the asphalt. Each needs to be the correct thickness and compaction. Since the sub grade and base provide support for the asphalt itself, getting these right are crucial to the final result and long term life of your pavement.

Asphalt Repairs

As the damage increases in severity, the problem areas must be either skin patched (the overlay method) or replaced (the removal and replacement method). In most cases, the remove and replace method is a better long term value, because it restores the sub grade and requires a thicker depth of asphalt. In other words, it fixes the problem rather than simply masking it.


Grading is a very important part of paving projects. Not only does the base rock need to support the weight of cars and trucks, but the grading process is what determines the slope for proper drainage.

Crack Sealing

Preventing moisture and dirt from penetrating to the sub grade are the keys to prolonging the life of asphalt paving. That’s why crack filling is an important maintenance procedure. Western Asphalt uses the hot pour method to seal these cracks and prevent minor problems from becoming major repair issues.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is an important pavement maintenance procedure that can prolong the life of your pavement and improve its appearance. It also provides one of the greatest returns on your maintenance dollar. Western Asphalt uses an asphalt emulsion sealant that helps prevent damage caused by gas, oil, and UV rays. The sealant creates a barrier against the deterioration caused by these solvents, by weather and oxidation. It also restores the slate black appearance, while reducing future maintenance costs.


We can customize a plan to install new lines and signage to new parking lots, or we’re equipped to re-stripe your existing lot. We can also update your parking layout to increase the number of stalls by blacking out or grinding off old lines and re-striping as necessary. Current ADA requirements can also be incorporated into your project as needed.

Concrete Extruded Curbing

Extruded Curbing has a multitude of purposes and can be used as an in-expensive method for water diversion, erosion control and helps set parameters within your commercial and/or residential properties. Extruded Curbing is placed directly on top of either a solid concrete and or an asphalt base. To keep your property looking its best and by reducing any liability of trips, slips and falls it is highly recommended that you maintain and repair your existing curbing within your properties. We can help!

Concrete Flat Work

Concrete Flat Work consists of your Sidewalks, Driveway Approaches, Pathways, Entryways and ADA Approaches. Maintenance on your Concrete Flat Work in necessary for two main reasons. First, is Safety & Liability. By maintaining your concrete areas, you are limiting your exposure to potential lawsuits and safety concerns such as slips, trips and falls. Second, is the appearance/curb appeal of your property for a potential new tenant and or landowner. We want to keep your property safe and looking at its best!

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